Ch I

Lady Gaga and Ozwb Tztz Comparison

Chapter I - Our Happy Village== Ah, what a peaceful village we live in, all the fellow Smurfs were dancing and skipping, singing and clacking their feet cheerily. None of us needed help, we had all our wants and needs, since they were all around the lip of our village walls. Papa Smurf was brewing many different potions, Hyper Potion, Sleepy Potion, Laughy Potion, you name it.

All was swell until "Lady Gaga", so she was called, came. She started eating all of our turtles. When she stopped eating the turtles, She started to eat other smurfs. I was so emotionally scarred, as she kept eating people and destroying buildings, the first thing that came to mind was to run. I ran as far as I could, when I fell in a ravine and clocked my forehead on a boulder.

Ch I ravine

Falling into the ravine

I remember waking up the next day, seeing the "Oranges Committee".

"S-SIR, ARE YOU OKAY?!" one of them asked.

"Uhh, I think I'm fine..."

"Well, all is good, except for the fact that you have a big goose egg."

"Uhhhh..." I groaned.

"We should get you to the Space Doctor immediately."

Another person said, "Well, his goose egg doesnt look that bad."

"Well I guess youre right. Degi the smart-alac."

"Dont you call me a smart-alac, Scubu."

"Argumenteer nie, julle twee!Dit is 'n vreedsame komitee, is ek reg?"

"I don't know what that means."


"Yeah I was a little off; we should get him to a doctor."