Teletubbies are evil. They are children of Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney. There is TinkyWinky, Dipsy, LaaLaa, and Po. Certain People like teletubbies. That is their problem not mine. Teletubbies are naturally native to Canada, Atlantis and the Moon. There were once hundreds of teletubbies who ruled those three places with an iron fist. They nearly caused smurf extinction. They scared humans away from all there areas. But one day, a man named Ladies and Val led the human army to victory by conquering and murdering most of the teletubbies, except for four of them. These for are the most dangerous, most terrifying of them all. Stay clear of them at all costs. PLEASE DO


These are the names of all of the teletubbies in order of most dangerous to most harmless (Well, not all. I dont have that much patience)