Treed by Rüde

the meaning of *HAGS* may just go on forever SO... lets start

  1. H = hippos A = ate G= giant S= snakes
  2. H= hairy A = apes G= glue S= snowmen
  3. H= hailey A= ann's G= gross S= STARE
  4. H = hairy A = anorexic G= guinea pigs S= stink
  5. H = Halloween A = ants G= get S= silly
  6. H = herrings A = and G= goats S= smell
  7. H = horrible A = aardvarks G= grate S= salami
  8. H = hermit crabs A = attack G= good S= souls
  9. H = have A = a G= great S= summer!
  10. H = high A = apples G= grow S= soup
  11. H = Hooting A = alligators G= google S= slugs
  12. H = Hackberry A = Aerobuses G= get S= S.U.V's
  13. H = Homeless A = action G= group S= statistics
  14. H = Healthy A = association G= going S= sacred
  15. H = Having A = acne G= gets S= stupid
  16. H = Hairbrush A = airplanes G= grow S= SAUSAGES
  17. H = Half A = absorbtive G= Ghettos S= suck

add anymore hags PLEASE :)

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