Smurfs are little blue parthenogenetic demons in which the males give birth. They live in the woods in various unrealistic colored mushrooms, easy for people to see. The only girl is smurfette, who was created by Gargamel, because Papa smurf couldn't give birth to a girl. When they are angry, they will climb all over you like ants and bite you until you squish them. Certain people LOVE smurfs

What are the Smurfs' names?Edit


Smurfs are born in a very strange way. There are no females of the species except for the artificial one. They give birth via males, similar to Cosmo from the Fairly Oddparents. There is only 1 father until Papa Smurf dies, and then the smurfs have a war over who will be the next Preggo smurf to give birth to another 1000 babies.


Smurfs eat smurfberries, sunlight, UNICEF workers, manatees, vermingos , fairies, tinkerbell, helicopter spare parts, and computer processing hard ware chips. Occasionally, smurfs will eat flying pancakes and large skyscrapers.


Smurfs always have the breath of either gum or dying moose. They are bright blue and all wear small white hats, long white khaki pants, and white shoes. No smurfs wear shirts. They believe that humans oppress their society by "forcing" them to wear pants.

How to eat smurfsEdit

Smurfs can be a very delicious and nutritious part of your daily diet, but they have to be properly prepared. Smurfs must be deep fried in a mixture of 30% vegetable oil, 29% peanut oil, and 51% Snail with Glasses slime. If not deep fried, they are terribly disgusting