A flying panda resting his bat wings before a busy night of chasing lions to canada

Pandas are cute, cuddly potatos that love to chase lions into canada. They often are very aggressive towards venomous children and teletubbies.

Favorite FoodsEdit

The favorite foods of pandas consists of teletubbies, the letter h, UNICEF workers, giant flying rabbits, the little prince, and micky mouse. They (most of the time) avoid venomous flying children. Pandas from spain often eat computer hardware, ink pine trees, pilgrim chickens, and glue. Just like the regular ones, they avoid flying toxic babies. They call them Volando toxico bebes. The favorite food of all pandas is flying pancakes.

Panda speciesEdit

Flying Demon panda- Panda demonicus

Canadian panda- Panda canadianus

American saber-toothed panda- Panda americanus

Purple panda- Panda purpurea

Stupid panda- Panda comicus stupididiotis

Blue panda- Panda azureas

Sky panda- Panda magicalis

Floating balloon panda- Panda balloonis

Rainbow spitting panda- Panda rainbowensis