The Oranges Comittee (mad MSPaint skills)

The Oranges Committee== The Oranges Comittee are aliens from the EattheDEERTICKS galaxy and used to be Teletubbies . They play Sorry™ ™ and eat Flying Venomous Babies. They talk about whenever they will become oranges out of nowhere.


Dobo is an Eggdroid from planet Laalaa -eats-frozen-pancakes. He is evil and trys to find a way to get mad everyday and talks in a Russian accent.


Gregory is the father of a Flying Venomous Baby and worries about whenever Dobo will kick him out. He is from planet Juh-Stin-Bee-Ber-Izz-Uh-Noo-Bee. He talks in an accent that noone can understand.


DovyGlondy is also from planet Juh-Stin-Bee-Ber-Izz-A-Noo-Bee. He is always embarrased because he has to sit or else he will become a Smurf.


Scubu is from planet elpoePtaF and has a purple beak. That is all.

Degi and DogiEdit

Degi and Dogi are robots. Degi has a Fu Manchu moustache. Dogi is a Dogbot and speaks Afrikaans.