mysterious devilish unicorn


Canadian muffin pegasus


A wild derpcat


Strange canadian fish?


A canadian monster

Philippines - Bohol Island - Tarsier

a furfeilsnuff

Canada is Canada. It is a place full of mystical creatures and UNICEF workers. It is very perilous to travel the jungles of canada at night. There are many fiendish creatures, such as Kim Kardashian, Vermingos and Britney Spears, lurking there. Canada is located in da woods. Blue Ghosts can occasionally be found lurking in Canadian sock drawers. In fact, Canada has the biggest sock emporium in the world. Hundreds of thousands of blue ghosts sleep inside them. All the socks have different flavors. A few smurfs, including Bob and Headphones are found there. But most smurfs stay clear of Canada because Teletubbies hunt them.